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"For we adore You and we worship You!"


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Elayne was born the 7th of 9 children on April 7th in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents moved their family to Memphis, Tennessee while she was young. She grew and blossomed there.


Her family was heavily involved in church and Elayne came to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of 11; around which time she also began to sing at church joining the mass choir at Bountiful Blessings Temple of Deliverance under Bishop G.E. Patterson. By 14, she was one of the main lead singers of the Mass Choir.  It was there she realized that music was not only her passion, but also her ministry.  She attended Overton High School, a school of performing arts. After graduating, she returned to live in Chicago and was a member of Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church, pastored by Apostle Richard D. Henton.

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"You are Holy, You are Righteous,

You are Faithful God"


I Worship You / Elayne Calhoun

No matter how difficult the time may be. No matter what you're facing or going through, we were created to worship the Lord. This song of worship will usher you into the presence of God and bring peace to your mind and soul.

ON all digital OUTLETS including:

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